It’s Hard To Fix A Wrinkled Heart

It’s Hard To Fix A Wrinkled Heart My little brother’s hands grip his favorite red Tupperware cup at every meal.  Like clockwork, he accidentally knocks his cup over again.  A white puddle spills across the table soaking our napkins. My brother’s tears fail to soften my dark heart.  Instead I angrily slap down paper towelsContinue reading “It’s Hard To Fix A Wrinkled Heart”

Grandma’s Gumbo

My Aunt Cathy taps her flip flops on the floor as she waits patiently at my Grandma’s dining room table. She jokes, “Those Cajun spices muddle a person’s senses. Nobody can resist the spicy smell of Andouille sausage, roast chicken, and garlic.” The heaping bowl of rich mahogany broth lures everyone. The rich savory scentsContinue reading “Grandma’s Gumbo”