10 Reasons To Be Joyful

My breathless husband murmured, “I’m not going to the emergency room.” Should we refuse to listen to the doctor’s advice? Sometimes we are like this with God, “I’m not going to…” Fill in your own blank.  It may be an unwillingness to give financially, pray out loud, or invite people into your home. We mayContinue reading “10 Reasons To Be Joyful”

Does Science Say Our Brain Needs the Sabbath?

My toddler sons refused to nap while the sun blazed high in the sky. If they didn’t rest, our afternoon would be doomed to explode into cranky tears, tantrums, and excessive whining. After settling them into their beds and reading a story, I would gently close the door. No sooner had the door clicked, IContinue reading “Does Science Say Our Brain Needs the Sabbath?”

FIVE FIERCE TRUTHS About You Part IV – Spiritual Gifts — Doris Swift

FIVE FIERCE TRUTHS is a new five-part series for your Fierce Calling journey… FIERCE TRUTH #4 – YOU Have Been Entrusted with Fierce Spiritual Gifts “…for God’s gifts and His call are irrevocable.” Romans 11:29 It was just your average weekday morning–grumpy kids, cold breakfast, missing socks. The usual chaotic routine of working motherhood going…… viaContinue reading “FIVE FIERCE TRUTHS About You Part IV – Spiritual Gifts — Doris Swift”

Are Public Schools Teaching Wisdom?

As a public school teacher I worked with children to teach them how to read, write, think mathematically, and ask questions like a scientist. The students learned about the importance to vote, the constitution and the Bill of Rights.  All important topics for students to grow up to be productive American citizens. But the biggestContinue reading “Are Public Schools Teaching Wisdom?”