12 Things to Be Thankful For

Heavenly Father, you are our Salvation.

From your glorious throne,

you look upon your disobedient sons and daughters with compassion.

When you see how sin enslaves us, you comfort us.

Extending out your hand, you grant us your favor.

We trust your plan that you designed for our lives.

When we face trials, we remember our salvation is in Christ Jesus.

We rest knowing our souls will be with you in eternal glory.

Salvation, glory, and power are our God.

Thank you, Lord for shielding us with your power.

Your helmet of salvation is a gift to guard our minds.

With you as our strength, we push away fearful thoughts.

You alone are our defense.

Thank you Lord!


What are you Thankful for?

Take a moment and praise God for what you are Thankful for.

If my Thankful List blessed you, consider sharing it with a friend.

If you find yourself not feeling thankful this Thanksgiving Season, consider reading How to Find Peace. 


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