Why We Should Ask For A Blessing

Photo by Flickr User Jeff Adair. Used via Creative Commons attribution licensing. Standing in line at the Publix grocery store, the little girl’s hand reached for the Hershey bar. Her mom’s piercing eyes stared down like a laser beam. Her shaking head reminded her not to ask for the chocolaty goodness. The little girl’s head droppedContinue reading “Why We Should Ask For A Blessing”

How to Use Zoom for Live Conversations

Keeping in touch with our family, friends, and co-workers are important for our emotional health. We want to know all about our son’s wedding plans, our friend’s baby shower, and even how their workplace is handling life’s newest unexpected event? Social Distancing resulted in College classes and church services being cancelled. Even Disney closed theirContinue reading “How to Use Zoom for Live Conversations”