When You Feel the Need to Be Everything to Everyone — Amy Keslinke

In the times when Evan is in the hospital, I get a lot of texts asking how we’re doing that end with a “let me know if there is anything I can do to help.” Particularly in the beginning, I had a quick reflex to reply with a, “We’re getting by. Thanks!” As… When You FeelContinue reading “When You Feel the Need to Be Everything to Everyone — Amy Keslinke”

5 Family Games for New Year’s Eve

Recently my family traveled on the cruise ship, Norweigan Escape. We were all looking forward to spending  quality time together.  Relaxing dinners, no laundry, and exploring Roatan, Belize, and Costa Maya were the immediate attractions.  Piano singers and comedians caught our attention. It didn’t take long to learn how important it is to view theseContinue reading “5 Family Games for New Year’s Eve”

Grandma’s Gumbo

My Aunt Cathy taps her flip flops on the floor as she waits patiently at my Grandma’s dining room table. She jokes, “Those Cajun spices muddle a person’s senses. Nobody can resist the spicy smell of Andouille sausage, roast chicken, and garlic.” The heaping bowl of rich mahogany broth lures everyone. The rich savory scentsContinue reading “Grandma’s Gumbo”