Abide in Christ's Love


My toddler sons refused to nap while the sun blazed high in the sky. If they didn’t rest, our afternoon would be doomed to explode into cranky tears, tantrums, and excessive whining. After settling them into their beds and reading a story, I would gently close the door. No sooner had the door clicked, I would hear their tiny feet pitter-pattering out across the carpet to the window.  The crunching of the… Read More

Six days each week is a blur of hustle and bustle, but I still can’t check everything off on my to-do list.  Why in the world do I think one more day would eliminate my mountain of  tasks! As a teenager if my boss scheduled me to work at Kentucky Fried Chicken, I happily accepted the shift.  I didn’t pay the least bit of attention to what the Lord said in Exodus… Read More